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Aug 15

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10.08.12 - Team Pursuit

I was sitting in De Beauvoir Square this evening, drinking a beer and reading my book. Then I saw a throng of orange cyclists peddle past. Gotta love the Dutch. I decided to pursue them - so necked my beer, unlocked my bike and set off. Then I realised I left my phone (which these were all taken with) in the square so had to speed back. My prey were pretty easy to track back down. Whoever was leading them knew exactly where they were going. It was amazing. We (they) cycled through London Fields and even the cool crew clapped and cheered them through. Everyone loved them, and it was such a beautiful evening. I followed them all the way through Victoria Park, through Homerton, over Hackney Marsh into the Eton Manor transport hub where they parked their bikes and went onto the Olympic Park. I then sat in the park and I could hear the roars and screams from the stadium as I read my book some more. 

Photos by Stephen Howse

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